Monday, 17 June 2013

Perfume Favourites

I have been a bit perfume obsessed lately and have been on a mission to find my perfect summer scent.

Beauty by Calvin Klein has been a fixed favourite of mine since it was released in 2010. It is light and fresh but lasts a good amount of time on the skin, without the need for topping up throughout the day - a huge plus point for me. 

Calvin Klein's description:
"The feminine, sophisticated fragrance opens with top notes of Ambrette Seeds, middle notes of Jasmine and dries down to base notes of Cedarwood" 

To me, it has the right balance of everything - it is not too sweet and not too musky. I can best describe it as a "clean" smell. Strange, but if you haven't smelt it yet - give it a go and let me know if you understand! 

I have been through about 3 bottles of this stuff, and I am currently trying to broaden my perfume horizons... 

Other current favourites are:

  • Tom Ford - Black Orchid
  • Clarins - Eau des Jardins
  • Jo Malone - Wild Bluebell Cologne 

Jo Malone Wild Bluebell is AMAZING. I am obsessed with this and the candle, and next on my purchase list is the body lotion. It is such a beautiful summery smell and I find it quite isn't however that strong so I use it as a day time scent, and carry it in my handbag.

Black Orchid by Tom Ford is a perfume that I have seen pop up on many beauty blogs. It is a bit of a different one for me, it smells luxurious and heavy and musky. I wear it as an evening scent, and it is more of a winter fragrance which is maybe why I save it for going out. 

Lastly, this Clarins perfume was a gift. I took it travelling with me this year, so the smell will always evoke happy memories for me. Again this is a fresh mix of fruity and flowery summer smell. Its light enough to use through out the day and lasts fairly well. I would recommend it as a great holiday fragrance.

I hope this inspired you to try a new scent - blog posts on perfumes always make me want to hit the perfume counters. Let me know of any new fragrances that you have been loving for spring/summer.

I hope you are all enjoying our not so sunny English June! 


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