Friday, 12 August 2011

Stuck in a rut

Ever since Chanel's release of their nail colour Particulière last year I have been addicted to similar copycat shades of brownish, muddy looking nail varnish. Wow...I make it sound so appealing! This particular one is one of my faves, it is belgravia by nails inc. I love the metallic sheen it has, the flash in the camera shows this pretty well

In different lights it has a purple edge to it, and also the metallic-ness of it creates a shine that stops my nails from looking plain dirty! As I said I am quite addicted to this colour group and have collected quite a few....

I am embarrassed to admit that this isn't even all of them, but nude/brown/purple-ish are definitely my favourite nails colours, and I wear them all year round...promise! I also seem to favour nails inc, this is definitely because their colour range is fantastic. I don't think the formula lasts any longer than other brands. I will always rate Barry M highly, Chanel on the other hand...seriously lasts about an hour without chipping on my nails. Rubbish! 

Any collections of same-ish products that you guys are willing to admit to!?



  1. That is a big collection of browns! I think brown nails can look so nice and smart, one of my favourite colours for work xxx

  2. That is such a gorgeous colour, it reminds me of chocolate, mmm! xxx

  3. Nails Inc brompton place. My confession! I have more colors vaguely similar than boots does! I hide half as to not shame my addiction to the world!!