Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Product Rave - Moisture Seal Intense Rescue Melting Balm

Charles Worthington Secrets Collection - Moisture Seal Intense Rescue Melting Balm

This has done the blogging rounds - I have seen it recommended by loads of you guys so I thought I would give it a go. My hair has been so dry since ombre-ing, particularly the ends, so deep conditioners are products I have been trying and testing to help my fix my damaged hair.

What it says on the box...
Deep Norishment
Mends split and dry ends
Ideal for dry normal-thick hair

The product needs to be warmed up between your fingers before applying to the hair, and then left in for at least 20 minutes. It has quite a thick consistency, but becomes quite oily as it gets warmer.

 I find it hard to evenly distribute this through my hair, so I apply it to my ends in sections - a little scoop goes a long way.  

I have noticed a difference in my every time I use this, but no real long term improvement...but then it doesn't promise to reverse split ends and damage from bleach. Instead, after washing this out my hair is softer and shiner, and feels healthier and my ends look better (temporarily). The oils in the product do feel like they are nourishing the ends of my hair as it absorbs. The best result I achieved was from leaving the product in overnight.

I would definitely recommend it as it is one of the better hair treatments I have bought from drugstores. I have heard people complain about the price, and at £16.99 it is pretty pricey, but I have used it about five times and still have tons left. Keep and eye out in boots for three for two offers and money off because this range is often included.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Nail of the Day


Essie Ballet Slippers and Mademoiselle are two of my most used nail varnishes and it is a combination I have been loving wearing day to day so far this summer. They look fresh and clean, but still polished and sophisticated. They also go with everything.

These varnishes work like a more up to date french manicure, I prefer wearing a block colour, without the tips but the pretty nude/pink combination would also work well with a white tip. 

I apply two coats of Ballet Slippers and one coat of Mademoiselle. It seems like a bit of a faff to apply two different colours, but Ballet Slippers is quite hard to work with - it can look quite streaky with just one coat. The addition of Mademoiselle, which is a more transparent pale pink, sets off the opaque white-ish nude of Ballet Slippers.

I finish my nails with Sally Hansen Insta-Dri. Ever since discovering this top coat a couple of years ago, I have not swayed. It is so shiny, drys so quickly and prolongs the life of the colour before it begins to chip. The only downside is that it goes off quite quickly - because of the quick drying properties it begins to dry up in the bottle after a couple of months or so and becomes hard to work with. But as I use it a few times a week I don't mind repurchasing. It is around £5.00 and often on offer in Boots or Superdrug. 

Monday, 17 June 2013

Perfume Favourites

I have been a bit perfume obsessed lately and have been on a mission to find my perfect summer scent.

Beauty by Calvin Klein has been a fixed favourite of mine since it was released in 2010. It is light and fresh but lasts a good amount of time on the skin, without the need for topping up throughout the day - a huge plus point for me. 

Calvin Klein's description:
"The feminine, sophisticated fragrance opens with top notes of Ambrette Seeds, middle notes of Jasmine and dries down to base notes of Cedarwood" 

To me, it has the right balance of everything - it is not too sweet and not too musky. I can best describe it as a "clean" smell. Strange, but if you haven't smelt it yet - give it a go and let me know if you understand! 

I have been through about 3 bottles of this stuff, and I am currently trying to broaden my perfume horizons... 

Other current favourites are:

  • Tom Ford - Black Orchid
  • Clarins - Eau des Jardins
  • Jo Malone - Wild Bluebell Cologne 

Jo Malone Wild Bluebell is AMAZING. I am obsessed with this and the candle, and next on my purchase list is the body lotion. It is such a beautiful summery smell and I find it quite isn't however that strong so I use it as a day time scent, and carry it in my handbag.

Black Orchid by Tom Ford is a perfume that I have seen pop up on many beauty blogs. It is a bit of a different one for me, it smells luxurious and heavy and musky. I wear it as an evening scent, and it is more of a winter fragrance which is maybe why I save it for going out. 

Lastly, this Clarins perfume was a gift. I took it travelling with me this year, so the smell will always evoke happy memories for me. Again this is a fresh mix of fruity and flowery summer smell. Its light enough to use through out the day and lasts fairly well. I would recommend it as a great holiday fragrance.

I hope this inspired you to try a new scent - blog posts on perfumes always make me want to hit the perfume counters. Let me know of any new fragrances that you have been loving for spring/summer.

I hope you are all enjoying our not so sunny English June! 


Friday, 12 August 2011

Stuck in a rut

Ever since Chanel's release of their nail colour Particuli√®re last year I have been addicted to similar copycat shades of brownish, muddy looking nail varnish. Wow...I make it sound so appealing! This particular one is one of my faves, it is belgravia by nails inc. I love the metallic sheen it has, the flash in the camera shows this pretty well

In different lights it has a purple edge to it, and also the metallic-ness of it creates a shine that stops my nails from looking plain dirty! As I said I am quite addicted to this colour group and have collected quite a few....

I am embarrassed to admit that this isn't even all of them, but nude/brown/purple-ish are definitely my favourite nails colours, and I wear them all year round...promise! I also seem to favour nails inc, this is definitely because their colour range is fantastic. I don't think the formula lasts any longer than other brands. I will always rate Barry M highly, Chanel on the other hand...seriously lasts about an hour without chipping on my nails. Rubbish! 

Any collections of same-ish products that you guys are willing to admit to!?


Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Summer Holiday

I have just got back from an amazing two weeks in Portugal and thought I would share with you guys the all important make up items I took with me. A few of the products are quite new so I've thrown in some of my opinions too...

UD's Naked Palette-all the shadows I could need! But I couldn't resist also taking Bobbi Brown Crystal Eyes mostly for Peacock-the turquoise colour which I use as liner; this with loads of mascara creates an easy, summery evening eye. 

I bought Maybelline's One by One Volume Express Waterproof mascara just before going away. Normally I hate waterproof mascara, but take it on holiday because of the heat and beach etc, so whilst browsing in Boots I settled on this one. Major fail. The main reason I don't use waterproof is because it is a nightmare to get off - not this one! It pretty much smudged down my face if I did wear it during the day, and of an evening it did that awful bitty fallout onto my cheeks. And lastly, it didn't even add much volume! I will not be repurchasing...

I also chucked in MAC coffee pencil liner and Urban Decay 24/7 liner in a plum colour, and Mac Rubenesque and primer potion for eye shadow bases.

I didn't bother with foundations; instead I just took a mix of 
concealers that I either mixed with a bit of moisturiser or used just to cover blemishes. I finally jumped on the Collection 2000 bandwagon and bought the Lasting Perfection concealer - and yes the writing on the packaging has all worn off, mostly onto my hands/into my makeup bag...ideal. But the product is fab, v similar to the Lauder's Double Wear concealer. I took my MAC Select Cover-Up concealer in case I hated them but didn't need to use it. If anyone is wondering I bought number 2 light, and number 4 deep so that I could mix as my skin got more tanned, and seriously, if you haven't tried this product yet - go get it! 

I also took my Mineralize Skinfinish Natural and face kit from MAC's last Xmas collection, blusher and bronzer in one makes it handy for travelling. I adore the Peachtwist blush; it is quite shimmery but looks fab with a tan. 

Pretty non-existent as I can never be bothered with lipstick on holiday. I took Bobbi Brown pink beige (no21) lipgloss for a nude lip, and then for a touch more colour; Bourjois 3D Effect gloss in 04 which is a glittery pink and Smashbox Heat-a pretty coral colour. I have to admit I got a bit bored of these though, and was glad I had benetint on me for a bit of a change! 


Elf Powder Brush, Chanel face brush, Mac 168, Smashbox liner brush, No.7 eye shadow blend and contour brush, elf blending eye brush (I use it for concealer) and Benefit fluff shadow brush.

....I want to go back already!

Hope you are all having a lovely summer 


Sunday, 10 July 2011

Hauling it up

Here are a few of my recent purchases, all encouraged by the sales, a holiday coming up and the boredom of being at home after finishing my second year at uni. It has resulted in lots of shopping trips!

I have a bit of a bikini obsession and I really didn’t need any new ones this year, but I couldn’t resist....
Topshop (in the sale) £15.00

Warehouse (student discount was 20% when I bought this, yay for being a student!)
Top-£14   Bottoms-£14

Primark £8
I love the ruffles on the top of this, very cute and surprisingly flattering.
But this bikini has little bells on...very odd if you ask me, and these will be 
getting the chop before I hit the beach!

Miss Selfridge denim dress, I think this will be perfect for V festival in august and it was only £15. The belt is from Massimo Dutti a while ago.

Lowther Wellies from amazon. Another purchase for V festival, and they are definitely a necessity, so I picked up a cheap pair for £20. I got navy just so I can wear whatever I want rather than trying to pick outfits that go with crazy pink floral wellies, which to be honest, I do really want!

I adore floral prints and when I saw this in Topshop I couldn’t resist. It is slightly cropped but I wore it with baggy-ish washed out denim shorts and a tan belt without showing too much skin for a casual day time outfit. I might dress it up on holiday with high waisted darker denim shorts and wedges.

River Island white skirt. I have since discovered this in the sale – very annoying! But I love it none the less, it is thin and light but not see through and looks fab with summery tops tucked in-I've paired it here with a River top too. I will probably change the belt to another plaited one as I think this one looks a bit cheap. This will be first in my suitcase as I still haven’t had the chance to wear it thanks to our rubbish weather and my pasty legs!

Another River purchase, big enough to hide behind on the beach. I love the fact that they have colourful frames, it makes a change from my usual black or brown framed sunglasses.

There is a huge lack of beauty products here as I have been trying to restrain myself because of my impending visit to duty free, and also a trip to New York in august so I’m hoping to splash out then. But even so, I miss buying makeup!

Hope you guys have had some success in the sales.


21 Candles

Yesterday was my best friend’s 21st birthday party and I have been on the hunt for a summery, smart/casual outfit to wear.

I have been coveting some palazzo pants for a while but not been brave enough to buy any for fear of looking like I’m wearing a tent rather than trousers. However I took the plunge in New Look recently and tried many a pair on and settled on these ones for £24.99 and I am actually really pleased with them. (However I warn you now - a few pairs did look like pyjama trousers, and when I came home proudly showing off my new purchase my brothers thought I had gone slightly mad. Definitely a fashion only understood by some of us girls!) Paired here with a Topshop vest and sandals it looks a bit like a maxi skirt but they are more practical as they don’t flow everywhere and are easier to walk in without treading on the ends. They are perfect for a summers evening and I think I’ll get a lot of wear out of them, especially on my summer holidays.

Top: Topshop 
Trousers: New Look 
Belt: h&m
Necklace: Topshop
Watch: Micheal Korrs
Ring: h&m

Happy 21st Luce and hope you have all had a lovely weekend